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The main objectives of the Department of ensuring Declaration of Assets of Officials are:

  • Drafting the relevant instructions to correctly complete the Official's Asset Declaration and ensuring correct completion of the Official's Asset Declaration and its publicity;
  • Receiving, registering, and storing the Asset Declaration filled by the Official;
  • Ensuring unhindered access to the unified electronic system for the Official's asset declaration;
  • Exercising control over the submission of the Asset Declaration by the Official within the terms prescribed by the law;
  • Taking measures on violations related to the filling of the Asset Declaration by the Official, as prescribed by the law;
  • Analysis of the data of the Official's Asset Declaration;
  • Registration of information on receiving a gift by a public servant or a member of his/her family and written notifications on illegal benefits offered to a public servant;
  • Carrying out other functions stipulated by the regulation of the department, the instructions of the Head of the Bureau, and the legislation of Georgia.