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Given the complexity of the Anti-Corruption Bureau's powers, it is important to have a long-term vision regarding its goals and future priorities. Accordingly, for the further systematization of the Bureau's activities, first of all, it is planned to develop and approve the Bureau's strategy.

Currently, with the support of the Council of Europe and with the involvement of an invited expert, the development of the organization's internal Institutional Strategy Document is underway. The document will define and organize the strategic directions of the Bureau's efforts for the next three years. The document will be published on the Bureau's website upon approval.

Together with the strategy, an Action Plan for its implementation will also be developed and approved, which will define the future activities of the Bureau in details. Among these activities, appropriate measures will be taken into account both in relation to the development and monitoring of the national Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Action Plan for its implementation, as well as in relation to the protection of Whistle-blowers, Conflict of Interests, Assessment of Corruption Risks and other areas belonging to the mandate of the Bureau.