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Razhden Kuprashvili

Head of the LEPL "Anti-Corruption Bureau"

Birth Date: 31.03.1983


2023 - present. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University - Doctor of Laws;
2000-2006 Akaki Tsereteli State University, equivalent to Master of Laws (LLM);
2000 Kutaisi #41 Physics-Mathematics school.

Work Experience:

10.02.2023 –present - Head of LEPL "Anti-Corruption Bureau";
2019-2023 yrs. –LEPL "Legal Aid Service", Managing Director;
2017-2019 yrs. LEPL "Georgian Bar Association", Chairman of the Audit Commission;
2014-2015 yrs. LEPL "Children and Youth National Center", Head of Legal Department;
2013-2019 yrs. Ltd "Kuprashvili and Partners", Director;
2013-2019 yrs. Ltd "Black Sea International Arbitration Chamber", Director;
2012-2014 yrs. Ltd "Gzamsheni-4", Lawyer;
2011-2019 yrs. Ltd Design-Research Institute "Transproject", Head of Legal Department;
2011-2012 yrs. Ltd "Tbilisi Mediation Court-Permanent Arbitration Metekhi" Arbitrator;
2009-2010 yrs. Ltd "Problem loans management group", Lawyer;
2009-2010 yrs. LP "Giga Gabelaia and Partners", Lawyer;
2001/2004-2009 yrs. General Courts of Georgia, Assistant to the judge and a Secretary of the court session.

Compulsory Military Service: 2002-2003 yrs.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

Papers in the field of Law:

  • The scope of notary's authority to issue a writ of execution;
  • The scope of the rights and duties of a decedent’s creditor towards the heirs;
  • Comparative-legal analysis of the legal regulation of insolvency of natural persons;
  • Causes of over-indebtedness and ways to eliminate them;
  • Insolvency problems of natural persons - Legal Analysis;
  • Dissertation on ,,Insolvency problems of a natural person (comparative-legal analysis)”.