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About Bureau

In 2023, in accordance with the fourth priority of the twelve priorities plan determined by the European Commission to grant the candidate country status to Georgia, and on the basis of the “Law of Georgia on Combating Corruption", an independent legal entity under public law - the Anti-Corruption Bureau was established.

The purpose of the Anti-Corruption Bureau's activities is to determine the general policy of combating corruption, to draft the national anti-corruption strategy and the action plan, and to monitor the implementation of the aforementioned plan.

The main aim of the Anti-Corruption Bureau is to promote combating corruption within its authority. The Bureau is responsible for ensuring the receipt of the official’s asset declaration, monitoring and publicity. In accordance with the law, the Anti-Corruption bureau will monitor the financial activities of the political association of citizens (political party), electoral subjects, and a person with declared election goals. The Anti-Corruption Bureau, also, is empowered to develop relevant proposals on the prevention, discovery, and elimination of conflict of interest in public institutions. In accordance with the law, the Bureau will implement protection of whistleblowers and other respective measures in this field.