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The main objectives of the Department of Monitoring of Asset Declarations of Officials are:

  • Monitoring of the correct completion the Official's Asset Declaration and ensuring its compliance with the legislation of Georgia;
  • Selecting of the Officials to be inspected annually in accordance with the law and making appropriate decisions as a result of monitoring the official's Asset Declarations;
  • Annual Analysis of the monitored data of the Official's Asset Declarations;
  • Reviewing and corespondence to the submitted applications by any stakeholder about the Monitoring Reports;
  • Carrying out control over the proper operation of the electronic declaration monitoring system;
  • Ensuring the publicity of Annual Reports in line with the legislation;
  • In case of identifying the signs of crime or intentional entry of incomplete or incorrect data in the Official's Asset Declarations, sending the relevant declaration and copy of materials to the appropriate Law Enforcement bodies;
  • Carrying out other functions stipulated by the regulation of the Department, the instructions of the Head of the Bureau, and the legislation of Georgia.