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The main objectives of the Political Finance Monitoring Department are to collect, systematize, analyze, and check information related to the financial activities of political parties for the purposes of which it:

  • Verifies the completeness, correctness, and lawfulness of the financial disclosure statement and the account of the election campaign fund;
  • Establishes the form of the financial disclosure statement and methodology of political finance monitoring, determines the standards of evaluation of political finance;
  • Ensures transparency and publicity of political finances;
  • Consults interested persons regarding the issues on political finances;
  • Ensures an appropriate response to violations of legislation related to political finance;
  • Carries out administrative proceedings on the person regarding the application and cancellation of restrictions prescribed by the Organic Law of Georgia "On Political Associations of Citizens";
  • Carries out other functions stipulated by the regulation of the department, the instructions of the Head of the Bureau, and the legislation of Georgia.