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Razhden Kuprashvili Head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau met with representatives from the Venice Commission Secretariat

Razhden Kuprashvili, Head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, met with representatives from the Venice Commission Secretariat.
In this meeting, dialogue centered around the Bureau's structure and its principal directions. Emphasis was placed on the Anti-Corruption Bureau's strategic insights and goals within the anti-corruption arena.
Detailed information was shared with the commission members regarding the efficacy of anti-corruption legislation, the Bureau's model of tackling corruption, and its institutional and functional independence. Additionally, the significance of maintaining transparency in anti-corruption policies was highlighted during the discussions.
Distinguished attendees included the Deputy heads of the Anti-Corruption Bureau: Tamta Katchkatchishvili and Ana Kalandadze; Eirik HOLMØYVIK , Rapporteur (Member, Norway); Panayotis VOYATZIS ,Rapporteur (Substitute member, Greece); Ms. Tania VAN DIJK , Secretariat.