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The Head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau met the director of the Office of Anti-Fraud of Andalusia (OAAF)

Razhden Kuprashvili, the Head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, in the Parliament of Andalusia, met the Ricardo Puyol Sanchez, director of the Office of Anti-Fraud of Andalusia (OAAF).
The dialogue centered around the Anti-Fraud Agency's main goals and organisational structure. The potential for further support and cooperation was also a topic of interest.
The possibility of the Anti-Corruption Bureau becoming a member of the European Network of Integrity and Whistleblowing Agencies (NEIWA) was mentioned during the meeting.
The Network of European Integrity and Whistleblowing Authorities (NEIWA), was established in May 2019 in The Hague, which unites the "competent bodies" of the EU member states. The network aims to enable its members to exchange on their expertise, their experiences both on the theoretical and practical as well as on the strategic level.
Distinguished attendees included Manuel Perez Pinas, the Deputy head of Anti-Fraud office in Legal Affairs; Luisa Wic Galvan, the Deputy head of the Director Anti-Fraud office in Investigation and Jose Maria Martinez Garcia, Chief of Staff; Jose Santiago Torres, Director of Torres & Oliva Legal Advisory; and Vasil Babluani, Advisor to the Anti-Corruption Bureau.