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The main objectives of the legal department are as follows: 

  • Law-making activities, representation of the Bureau in legal proceedings and carrying out administrative proceedings;
  • Preparation of legal documents (contracts, memoranda, other projects (except personnel orders));
  • Verification of the legality of legal documents to be signed on behalf of the Bureau;
  • Drafting of legal acts (including recommendations) of the Head of the Bureau;
  • Preparation of draft amendments to the legislative and subordinate normative acts related to the Bureau, as well as, within the competence of the Bureau, examination and preparation of reports; Participation and/or representation of the Bureau before courts, administrative bodies, as well as physical and legal persons and/or legal proceedings;
  • Preparation of the documents regulating the operation of the Bureau (bylaws, regulations, etc.) and drafts of their amendments; 
  • Preparation of responses to legal correspondence received by the Bureau;
  • Within the scope of competence, carrying out administrative proceedings;
  • Ensuring the implementation of administrative proceedings and presenting the results of the proceedings to the head of the Bureau for making the appropriate decision in case of evasion by the officials, specified by the legislation of Georgia, taking a drug test or submitting the corresponding report;
  • Carrying out other functions stipulated by the regulation of the department, the instructions of the Head of the Bureau, and the legislation of Georgia.