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The Anti-Corruption Bureau of Georgia will join the Association of Anti-Corruption Bureaus

The Anti-Corruption Bureau of Georgia and the Spanish law firm - Torres & Oliva signed the memorandum of cooperation.

The Association of Anti-Corruption Bureaus will cooperate with the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Georgia. The Georgian side will also receive support from the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Andalusia.

This became known during the meeting between Ricardo Vicente Puyol Sanchez, Director of the Andalusian Anti-Corruption Bureau, and Razhden Kuprashvili, the Head of the Georgia’s Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The meeting's main goal was to share the Anti-Corruption Bureau's experience and to form collaborations.

During the meeting, significant focus was given to strengthening Georgia's whistleblower institution.

The agreement was also made during the visit to Spain, according to which the Georgian Anti-Corruption Bureau will get recommendations from the Spanish law firm - Torres & Oliva, in its fight against corruption.

Jose Santiago Torres Prieto, the firm's senior partner, will be supporting Georgia's Anti-Corruption Bureau.

The memorandum envisages consultations and activities in the fields such as the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, the Civil Convention on Corruption, the development of Georgia's anti-corruption policy and anti-corruption strategy, and the integration of European Union Committee of Ministers requirements into Georgia's anti-corruption system.

Among them are Greco’s (the Group of States Fighting Corruption) reports and recommendations in the process of developing anti-corruption policy and strategy.