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Working visit of the head of the anti-corruption bureau to Spain

The head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Razhden Kuprashvili, is currently in Spain for a work-related visit.

On November 9, the meeting took place with the director of the Catalan Anti-Fraud Office, Miguel Angel Gimeno Jubero. This office, the first of its kind established in Spain, boasts the most extensive experience in active policy development and recommendations for regulatory reforms, as well as a leading role in handling numerous corruption investigation cases.

During the meeting, discussions centered on the Bureau's activities and its strategic direction for the future. Key issues highlighted included the measures to be implemented in the battle against corruption, the application of risk assessment methods within agencies, and collaborative initiatives with local municipalities.

The potential for further support and cooperation was also a topic of interest.

The meeting was attended by Jose Santiago Torres, Director of Torres & Oliva Legal Advisory, and Vasil Babluani, Advisor to the Anti-Corruption Bureau.