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The main objectives of the Analytical Department shall be the analysis of information on the issues of combatting corruption, keeping statistics, preparing recommendations, annual reports, periodic reports for their submission to the Interagency Anti-Corruption Council, the strengthening of the whistle-blower institution, and the coordination of issues of compliance with the rules of ethics to combat corruption, within the framework of which the department exercises the following powers:

  • Analysis of existing international standards and experience in the field of combatting corruption, the experience of Georgia and other countries, their legislation and methods, opinions and conclusions of relevant international organizations, and preparation of relevant recommendations and proposals;
  • Keeping statistical information;
  • Obtaining, analyzing, and generalizing information stemming from the goals of the Bureau;
  • For the purposes of combatting corruption, issuing recommendations regarding general and special rules of ethics and conduct;
  • Carrying out other functions stipulated by the regulation of the department, the instructions of the Head of the Bureau, and the legislation of Georgia.