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The Administrative Department of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (hereinafter, - the Bureau) is a structural subunit which is mainly tasked to facilitate the effective management and leadership of the Bureau within the scope of powers it acquires on the basis of the current legislation.

The main objectives of the Administrative Department are as follows:

  • Management of Human Resources;
  • Ensuring the smooth flow of document circulation;
  • Issuing public information;
  • Proactive dissemination of public information and ensuring placement on the website of the information prescribed by the law;
  • Ensuring the effective functioning of the Bureau as a contracting authority;
  • Planning of the public procurement of the Bureau, drafting and adjusting the annual procurement plan;
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of the terms of the contract concluded by the Bureau;
  • According to the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia, implementation of public procurement procedures, including preparatory work, selection of procurement method, and preparation of relevant documentation;
  • Agreement of issues related to public procurement with the Legal Entity of Public Law – Public Procurement Agency;
  • Preparation of draft contracts related to public procurement;
  • Ensuring cyber security of the Bureau;
  • Carrying out other functions stipulated by the regulation of the department.